Next Level Loan Officers

LO Lifeline - What you focus on, multiplies

June 09, 2022 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 147
Next Level Loan Officers
LO Lifeline - What you focus on, multiplies
Show Notes

On this episode Sean Z and Kellen discuss the actionable tactics that you will take away from the LO Lifeline virtual event. The guys also talk about getting out of your own way and be real with where you are. 

1:30 LO Lifeline

3:25 Negativity kills

5:15 Change your perspective

7:48 Positive actions

12:53 It is easy to find excuses 

15:00 Actionable tactics

20:00 You have to do the work


“What you focus on, multiplies.”

“It is very easy right now to have some self doubt.”

“As a loan officer, are you going to adjust or are you going to stick your head in the sand.”

“We are focused on a lot of crap that we can’t control.”

“I can control my daily activities, my Actions That Matter.”

“Don’t be disappointed in the results you didn’t get, in the work you didn’t do.”

“Make a choice to have a great day or don’t. It is your choice.”

“You must do the work required to get the results desired.”

Key Takeaways:

LO Lifeline - $47 - 100% of the proceeds donated to America’s Mighty Warriors.

Are you paying attention when you have conversations with the people in your life. 

It is very easy to look at all the negativity in the world and apply that to your business. Do the opposite instead!

We focus on what we can’t control instead of what we can control.

Focus on your ATMs and your business will see the benefit. 

Don’t complain if you are not willing to put in the work. 

The work you do today will set up your next 6 months. 

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