Next Level Loan Officers

ROI Boost: Working on What Matters Most!

July 05, 2022 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 149
Next Level Loan Officers
ROI Boost: Working on What Matters Most!
Show Notes

On this episode Shane and Sean talk about how to get a true ROI from being focused on what matters. The guys also talk about activity tracking, being able to adjust, and being focused to work on your business. 

2:00 Activity Tracking

4:25 Focused actions

8:25 You have to adjust

12:20 Return on time investment

16:43 Think as a business owner


“In order to understand where you want to get to, you have to know what you are doing with your day right now.”

“How much of your day are you spending working on the actions that matter most?”

“When I track my time and look at those days compared to when I don’t, there is a lot less waste.”

“It is really important to know what you are worth per hour.”

“Your goal is where can you get the biggest return on your investment of time.”

Key Takeaways:

You need to be honest with yourself in how well and productive you are with your day.

Great book recommendation: Run Like Clockwork

To be efficient, you need to see how you can get the same results in the least amount of time. 

Nothing stays the same. You have to able to adjust to the current conditions. 

Figure out how to get more out of your day by removing waste. 

In order to properly value your time, you have to know what your time is worth. 

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