Next Level Loan Officers

Your Video Marketing Success Blueprint w/Ryan Ehler

August 16, 2022 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 154
Next Level Loan Officers
Your Video Marketing Success Blueprint w/Ryan Ehler
Show Notes

On this episode mortgage broker and video marketer Ryan Ehler, joins Sean and Shane to talk about how Loan Officers can produce video success for their business. Ryan gives a breakdown of how to get started, what type of content matters, and tactical advice for beginners. 

2:15 Introduction to Ryan

5:44 Brand through video

8:36 Advice for beginners 

13:05 Working hard and smart

17:55 Video that matters

22:00 Be on brand


If you aren’t meeting in person with clients, video will be even more important to your business. 

Video allows you to saturate your area with your brand 24x7.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t worry about the mistakes. 

Don’t worry about equipment as you can simply start with your phone. 

Work for the lifestyle you want and you will know how much money you need to make. 

If you are looking for video ideas, you can simply start with recording answers to the questions you get all the time. Leverage cheap and free sources to create your content. It is out there!


“As long as people like and trust you, along with knowing you will do good for them, they won’t care you are.”

“You don’t have to sell yourself if you deliver value up front with video.”

“You don’t need a top notch DSLR to do video.”

“Work hard and smart, but not long.”

“It is not about making as much money as possible, it is about building for your lifestyle.”

“Remember that your video is all about them and not about you.”

“Don’t worry about hitting home runs and going viral.”

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