Next Level Loan Officers

Major Announcement: The Evolution of the Next Level Loan Officer's Community

September 28, 2022 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 165
Next Level Loan Officers
Major Announcement: The Evolution of the Next Level Loan Officer's Community
Show Notes

On this episode, KT, Sean Z, and Kellen discuss the launch of the new Next Level platform.  The guys go into the detail about the impact and value the new community brings it's members along with how the platform will bring together a distraction free environment for loan officers to build a better business. 

1:44 Community impact

4:25 The platform

10:00 The community explained

16:20 The loan officers we work with

20:22 Community wrap up


Coaching is great, but creating a community of people that build long lasting relationships is the key. 

The community is about bringing people together from the distractions of Facebook. 

It was important to make sure that our members had a fully featured platform that was hyper-focused on their needs. 

Two types of membership. Community and Pro with a 60 day free trial. 

There are over $5,000 in discounts from our platform partners. 

You will go through challenges in this business and you need a place that will help you level set. 

The community is for loan officers that might feel like they are on an island and they don’t have help in a contracting market. 


“What we want to build is a group of like minded loan officers, that just want to get better.”

“When I think of community, I think of a place where loan officers can go for knowledge, support, resources, and accountability.”

“We made a decision to move our platform away from Facebook. At Next Level we always look at things a little bit different.”

“The reality is that if your business relies on a Facebook group, you are just renting that audience.”

“We work with everybody. We are looking for highly committed, coachable loan officers who want to take their business to the next level.”

“The goal of the community is to help loan officers."

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