Next Level Loan Officers

Mortgage Broker Fast Track w/Megan Marsh

October 27, 2022 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 171
Next Level Loan Officers
Mortgage Broker Fast Track w/Megan Marsh
Show Notes

In this episode Megan Marsh joins Shane and KT to share her journey of empowering mortgage professionals with expert knowledge and training. Megan also discusses her passion for helping others, creating multiple income streams, and how her Mortgage Broker Fast Track training came to be. 

4:00 Megan’s journey

9:55 Helping others in the industry

13:54 Knowledge is power

16:20 Broker fast track

20:15 Replace want with should

23:45 Value of coaching & community


This business isn’t easy and if you are here today, then you will be in it for the long haul. 

If you stop trying, then it never is going to work.

Do some soul searching to find out what you really love about working in the mortgage industry. 

This is a great industry to develop multiple income streams. 

Going broker, going to retail, changing companies really doesn’t matter if you aren’t doing the research and moving too fast to make the right decision. 

It can be quite complicated to open up a brokerage. Mortgage Broker Fast Track is built to speed up the process without sacrificing knowledge. 


“This is a business for entrepreneurs.”

“I just couldn’t fit in to a box where I had to completely follow the rules.”

“I had to do some soul searching on why I loved this industry and I discovered that it was because I loved solving peoples problems when I did their mortgages.”

“If you haven’t equipped yourself with knowledge, you’re going to make the wrong call even if it is the right company.

“Mortgage Broker Fast Track is a digital online course that has 6 modules that cover different areas.”

“There are things you want to do and then there are the things you should do.”

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