Next Level Loan Officers

There Is No CRM Easy Button w/Shawn Mortensen

November 21, 2022 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 174
Next Level Loan Officers
There Is No CRM Easy Button w/Shawn Mortensen
Show Notes

On this episode Shawn Mortensen of Jungo joins KT to talk about having a CRM can not only enhance your production it will also protect your database in a refi boom. Shawn also talks about how it is important for a Loan Officer to have control over their data with a shifting market and moves happening between lenders. 

1:30 Intro to Shawn and Jungo
6:45 There is no CRM easy button
10:05 Database is portfolio management
15:15 Buying back your time
20:25 Connecting with Jungo


Your tools are important, but the ability of your team to use the tools is just as important.

Your database is your bank. You need to have a CRM that will allow you to maximize your conversations.

A good CRM is going to take an investment of time and money. There is no easy button.

You need to protect your database for when rates come down. 

When you have a CRM you can be your agent's database. 

When you take the time to build out your CRM you will gain a higher level of visibility into your business.


"What loan officers want, is for their team to be able to go as fast as possible."

"You want to protect your database, no matter where you may go."

"With today's rates, we are setting up to have another refi boom when rates go back down."

"I personally believe that Jungo is the absolute best CRM that exists in the mortgage industry."

"There is no easy button for any CRM. What is it costing you for not having a CRM in place?"

"Your consumer is all of your referral partners."

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