Next Level Loan Officers

Best of the Best: The Top 5 Next Level Podcast Episodes

December 07, 2022 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 176
Next Level Loan Officers
Best of the Best: The Top 5 Next Level Podcast Episodes
Show Notes

On this episode Frazier hosts a super episode which is a combination of Next Level's Top 5 most downloaded episodes. Below you will see the key takeaways for each episode along with a link the full length version.

Actions That Matter: The secret to becoming a top producer

In Power 90 the goal is to have a strategic thought process in how you prepare for your week.

If you don’t understand your worth you will not know what tasks you can delegate and offload. 

Being a proactive loan officer will always get you farther quicker, than being a reactive loan officer. 

As long as you have a solid team, it doesn’t matter who does your actions items.

Checking in once a week as a “stress check” allows you to help with creating a great experience. 

If you are a one man band, your first hire shouldn’t be marketing it should be someone that gets you out of non-money-making activities

How You Can Create a Next Level Client Experience

A lot of loan officers like to hide from tough conversations, that is your opportunity. 

Create a process that allows you to use sticky points so that you can differentiate yourself.

Ask for reviews when you are CTC’d as oppose to when the loan closes. 

Make sure you are staying in touch with your pre-approved borrowers with a weekly phone call. 

Every happy client is a potential sales rep for your business. 

Focus On Your ALL-IN Agent Relationships!

You need to measure your referral partner metrics and rank them accordingly. 

Ask yourself what you want in a new referral partnership outside of just production. 

A low amount of good relationships are better than a high amount of bad relationships. Not every agent is a good fit!

You don’t need to focus on the “A-List” agents to build a successful business relationship. 

Ask yourself what the value of the relationship allows you to do in your business or personal life. 

Appraisers and title reps are great sources to find the RIGHT agents.

Becoming a Mortgage Difference Maker w/Jason Frazier

A loan officer getting to the consumer first is beneficial for everyone, including the agent.  

Build a strong referral network so you can help as many people as possible, even if you are helping them to go somewhere else.  

Sales, marketing, being an advisor, and education is all the SAME. 

The more you understand about your ideal customer, the easier your marketing is and the better your conversions will be.  

Don’t market to consumers that you don’t have expertise in helping. 

Stop doing content that consumers don’t care about.  

Know Who You Are and Who You Aren't w/Ashley Courville

If you’re working too much, you need to invest in your business so you can work less. 

If you want to grow your business without killing yourself with your time, you need to invest in a team.

Double down on communication and let your clients and partners tell you when it is too much. 

You need to be able to define who you want to work with and the clients you want to work for. You have to say no so that you can say yes to the right people. 

Go after business that fits your system. Know who you are and who you are not.

If you are a woman with kids, your life looks very different on a daily basis compared to most men in this industry.