Next Level Loan Officers

Take Simple Actions to Create Big Results

December 20, 2022 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 179
Next Level Loan Officers
Take Simple Actions to Create Big Results
Show Notes

Sometimes it only takes one simple action to create a massive opportunity.  On this episode KT and Shane look back at how their humble beginnings helped shaped their successful businesses. The guys talk about taking advantage of the opportunities in front of them, adding value to agents, and how simple actions can make a big difference. 

1:56 Opportunity

4:38 Being humble

9:08 Control what you can control

11:15 Simple actions

18:30 Getting plugged in


Every wall equals an adjustment. Just keep adjusting to what is in front of you.

Don’t focus on things that you cannot control. 

Meetings with agents and customers have to be based on value. 

Agents want to meet with LOs that provide value on some level or another. 

Simple actions can lead to big results.


“Just because you have had success, it doesn’t mean you will have pitfalls or failures.”

“Your success in the market is dependent on how you respond.”

“Sometimes where you come from, is where you need to get back to.”

“I can attribute all of my original success and growth to one opportunity.”

“If you can address their needs and their fears, you are going win their business.”

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