Next Level Loan Officers

You Have to Start to Be Great

December 27, 2022 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 181
Next Level Loan Officers
You Have to Start to Be Great
Show Notes

On this episode Shane and Sean Z discuss their success blueprint to starting their weeks. The guys discuss how they plan, create their goals, how to create anchors, and tactics that make sure their work week ends in success. 

1:30 How we start

5:30 Planning days

10:00 Getting your recharge

13:05 Anchors 

18:25 Battle regret


We design our time around the goals that matter. 

Pick a day that works for you to start planning your next week. 

Scheduling helps you stay committed to your actions. 

Starting your day with gratitude can make all the difference in your outlook. 

It is ok if you drift as long as you are aware when it happens. 

The difference between winners and losers, is that winners show up consistently. 


“Our week starts the week before.”

“I pencil in 5-7 money making activities per week.”

“When I look at my calendar, I am making sure my first three daily commitments are addressed every day.”

“Everyone should be writing handwritten notes.”

“As you start your year, can you make some agreements with yourself?”

“Put goals in place that will move the needle in your business.”

“Regret is the outcome of poor planning.”

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