Next Level Loan Officers

Business Transition: The Broker Journey

January 03, 2023 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 183
Next Level Loan Officers
Business Transition: The Broker Journey
Show Notes

On this episode Sean Z and KT talk about their transition to from retail to the broker channel. Shane also joins to discuss with the guys about how you need to know what you want for your life and to be hyper-focused on  your reasons for making a change. 

1:45 Reason to transition

8:35 Margin compression

11:40 Wanting something different

15:10 Vision for your life

18:05 You have to know what you want


The LO and who you are plugged in with is what makes the difference in success between retail and broker. 

Margin compression has really made the retail model more challenging for a lot of LOs. 

There are a lot of people where price hasn’t always been a big part of their business, but that is starting to change. 

In a high rate market you need to double down on the perceived value of what you do. 

Nothing is wrong with wanting change as long as the change is for the right reasons. 

You are going to make sacrifices to be different and grow your business. 


“The grass is greener where you water it.”

“Technology has really grown since I left the broker world.”

“It is hard to sell a loan having to charge a point and a half or two points on the retail side.”

“You design your life in your head.”

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