Next Level Loan Officers

Finding Success in a Changing Market

January 05, 2023 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 184
Next Level Loan Officers
Finding Success in a Changing Market
Show Notes

On this episode Shane and Kellen give you the three pillars that LOs need to do to find success in a changing market. The guys talk about being expert, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and the power of being a connector in your market. 

3:22 Be a master of your craft

7:40 Get uncomfortable 

11:05 Large networks create large incomes

16:10 Recap


Knowing your product inside and out can make all the difference in your business. 

Strive to have excellence in understanding your guidelines. 

Now is a time to lean into areas where you have been lazy and comfortable to get uncomfortable and take action. 

Some of the best marketing is free marketing. Get out, create conversations and create relationship. 

Most LOs take more in payment than they give in value. That is your opportunity. 

 Become a connector of people. 


“You have to master your craft.”

“The more you can understand your business, the better you can identify that customer and the better you can close them.”

“One of the biggest ways to fail when the market shifts, is to stay comfortable.”

“The LO with the most friends make the most money.”

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