Next Level Loan Officers

Let Discipline Squash Your Fears

January 11, 2023 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 186
Next Level Loan Officers
Let Discipline Squash Your Fears
Show Notes

On this episode Kellen and KT talk about how basic disciplines can help loan officers overcome their fears of failing. The guys also talk about being referable, likable, and how this will be the year of the conversion skillset. 

1:50 Being fearful

6:40 Selling vs marketing

10:35 Being referable 

12:45 Having a conversion skillset

15:35 Going back to basic disciplines


There are better days ahead so don’t dwell on the negativity of the current market.

At the end of the day a lot of originators are afraid of letting their families down, of letting themselves down. 

Every loan officer is on a different path in their career. 

There is a difference between following up with leads and converting them to customers. 

If you want to achieve a certain level of success you need to have disciplines that you are proficient at. 

Agents are trusting you to help them get their commission, so you have to be referable. 

There is no room to be sloppy and lazy if you want to be successful. 


“A lot of loan officers are scare right now. They have fears about the market.”

“We knew 2022 was going to be rough, but I don’t think a majority of the industry knew how bad it was going to be.”

“A lot of times loan officers avoid their weaknesses.”

“Being an LO is a skillset, not a job.”

“This is the year of conversion.”

“In 2021 you could have been sloppy and still catch a boat full of fish.”

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