Next Level Loan Officers

Assume the Relationship w/ Coach Bill Hart

January 17, 2023 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 187
Next Level Loan Officers
Assume the Relationship w/ Coach Bill Hart
Show Notes

On this episode Coach Bill Hart joins Sean Z to discuss how LOs need to Assume the Relationship as they build their database. Coach Bill also discusses the massive opportunities mortgage professionals have in front of them simply by seeing 4 out of 10 LOs leave the business. 

1:25 Intro to Coach Bill Hart

4:50 Assume the relationship

9:30 The weak are leaving

12:55 Database is your bank


In the last 30yrs, one thing that hasn’t changed in this business is the importance of relationships.

The weak competition is leaving the business which will be a boom for the strong LO. 

If you are going to be in production then your database can’t be a secondary thought. 

Life events create leads and activity. 

Don’t talk about mortgage, talk about real estate.

When you have a large database you won’t feel market shifts as much. 

If you don’t focus on your database, than that should be a new discipline for LOs.


“Assume the relationship.”

“When the rates are low and the phones ringing you tend to neglect the database.”

“4 out of 10 loan officers are leaving the business.”

“You have to build you database and you have to build it every day.”

“If you are hard to find, then that is a problem.”

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