Next Level Loan Officers

Power 90 Success Story w/Nikkie Bickham

January 24, 2023 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 188
Next Level Loan Officers
Power 90 Success Story w/Nikkie Bickham
Show Notes

On this episode Nikkie Bickham joins Sean Z to share her Power 90 Success story and how it helped her branch become number 4 in the company. Nikkie talks about how she has built momentum through tracking, focused on relationship building by taking the online offline, and how ATMs have allowed her to grow while others contracted. 

1:30 Intro to Nikkie

4:00 Power 90 Success

8:15 Relationships matter

11:00 Actions That Matters

14:45 Build momentum through tracking


Power 90 can absolutely make a difference for those who execute. 

Building friendships and relationships without putting your business front and center is key. 

Invest in relationships while everyone else is contracting and stopping their marketing. 

Create good habits for growth. You do your habits until they become part of who you are.

A lot of LOs miss out on the sell side of the transaction.

Tracking builds momentum in your business and your mindset. 


“Most of my growth came out of what I learned in Power 90.”

“The LOs with the most friends will make the most money.”

“They key is taking the online offline.”

“You want to make sure that anyone who knows you will relate your name with mortgage.”

“When you track you get momentum when you see production.”

“If you are not calling listing agents, you are missing out on a goldmine of opportunity.”

“I have taken 31 loan application so far in January.”

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