Next Level Loan Officers

Consistency Beats Perfection w/Joe Wilson

January 26, 2023 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 189
Next Level Loan Officers
Consistency Beats Perfection w/Joe Wilson
Show Notes

On this episode Joe Wilson, founder of Social Coach, joins Kellen to talk about how consistency beats perfection when it comes to social media. The guys talk about getting over the hump of starting, how messaging consistency wins business, and how taking actions can make you tens of thousands of dollars.

1:30 Different times

4:08 Excuses and perfection

8:50 Getting started

10:40 Consistent message

13:30 Social Coach

20:00 Being aware of blindspots 


You can always find reasons to not do something. 

If you wait for things to be perfect you will hurt your income. 

Consumers identify with imperfection.

Consistency is important which is why large companies are showing ads all the time. 

Consumers need to see your message at least 12-15 times. 

Being aware of your blindspots is important, but not as important as taking action. 


“Everyone has something that they don’t like about themselves.”

“You are worthy and good enough as you are exactly today.”

“My consistency will be your perfection.”

“Consistency is the number one indicated to success on social media.”

“Showing up consistently even with an imperfect message, will be way better than not.”

“The average American spends over 2 hours a day on social media.”

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