Next Level Loan Officers

How to Make Yourself a Utility w/Brian Sacks

February 14, 2023 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 194
Next Level Loan Officers
How to Make Yourself a Utility w/Brian Sacks
Show Notes

On this episode Brian Sacks joins KT to talk about how Loan Officers can make themselves a true value to agents by becoming a utility. Brian also talks about his top advice to loan officers, how to attract business, creating agent partnerships, and how to show up as an expert. 

1:15 Intro to Brian

3:10 Advice to loan officers

7:20 Attracting business

11:30 Treating agents as partners

15:00 Don’t assume

18:20 Finding a good fit

22:10 How do you become a utility

26:44 Top Originator Underground


When you decide to listen or follow someone, make sure they are a practitioner in what they are doing. 

It is far better to attract business as opposed to chase business. 

You should be interviewing agents to make sure it is a good fit instead of just trying to get business. 

Treat agents as partners, as opposed to adversaries. 

When agents refer, they are also trusting their pay and reputation with who they refer to. 

You want a relationship driven business, not a transactional driven one.

Agents want to sell more homes and your strategy needs to be centered around helping them do that. 

Three types of agents: Part-timer, successful arrogance, and mid-level. 

If you help an agent grow to get to the next level, you can create an unbreakable bond of trust. 


“Look at what the competition is doing and then do something completely different.”

“Be careful who you listen to.”

“If you are chasing business, you are at a disadvantage.”

“Better for you to show up as an expert, than a beggar.”

“If the agent is a better salesperson than you are, then they will win and you will lose.”

“Less is more, quality is better than quantity.”

“This market will be a big purge for agents and loan officers.”

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