Next Level Loan Officers

Can the Scripts! Just Bring Value

February 16, 2023 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 195
Next Level Loan Officers
Can the Scripts! Just Bring Value
Show Notes

Stop with the cookie cutter nonsense and just bring value! Sean Z and Kellen talk about how they have provided value to agents by working a niche to fill a need and how agent education is still a number one driver of value. 

1:50 Just bring value

5:50 Working a niche

7:40 Finding the audience

13:15 Agent focused events

17:00 Just do something


Be careful with cookie cutter scripts as they may raise red flags with agents. 

Focusing on a “unsexy” niche allows you to dominate a market segment.

Education doesn’t always have to be about loan products. You can also be helping agents be better business operators.

Sometimes the best start is to just take action on something you wouldn’t normally do.  


“If you are a loan officer that is not bringing me value, I don’t have time for you.”

“Check your REALTOR association’s calendar to find the right day and time for your event.”

“These are immediate actions you can take right now to build your pipeline.”

“Do something every day that gets you a little bit outside of your comfort zone.”

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