Next Level Loan Officers

Don't Lose Focus: Embrace Where You Are

March 14, 2023 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 202
Next Level Loan Officers
Don't Lose Focus: Embrace Where You Are
Show Notes

The lesson is simple. Embrace where you are, learn to love the challenge, and beat the competition because their focus is on things they can't control. On this episode Sean Z talks about not letting the things that don't matter take your focus away from what is important. 

1:30 Change in the times

3:05 Letting things get to you

5:40 What are you doing now

7:55 Looking forward to the challenge


You don’t get rid of bad habits. You have to create good habits to overcome what isn’t working. 

Don’t let things that don’t matter take your attention away from things that do matter. 

What are you doing now to set yourself up for success later?

Embracing where you are at is how you win. 

Tough times will create tough businesses. 

Competition is leaving the market which creates massive opportunity. 


“Sometimes this job is harder than it seems and sometimes it is easier than it seems”

“Only that which I give power, has power.”

“Everybody’s rates are higher than they were last year. We can’t control that.”

“Are you going to choose to love fate?”

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