Next Level Loan Officers

The Systems of Success w/Linda Davidson

March 22, 2023 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 204
Next Level Loan Officers
The Systems of Success w/Linda Davidson
Show Notes

How would you like 75% of your business to come from referrals? Relationships turn into revenue when you spend more time with the people you know than those you don't know. On this episode Linda Davidson joins Kellen to share her systems of success and how that has created a massive referral business for her. 

1:30 Linda’s three keys when she started

7:05 Doing business your way

10:50 System of residuals 

16:55 System specifics

20:10 Staying in touch


Systems and processes can fix and prevent a lot of problems. 

Not knowing how to properly structure a deal is not a recipe for success. 

Be better than the underwriter up front by taking pride in the work you do upfront. 

Put yourself in a position where everyone wins. 

You have to have a relationship in order to have a long-term relationship.

Make sure your important actions are non-negotiable. 

You need to build relationships quick to create stickiness.


“Systems don’t have a bad day.”

“The second thing I was told in this business was that I must be better than the underwriter.”

“There is enough stress in this business without you causing your own stress.”

“Don’t rely 100% on automation to keep in touch with your clients.”

“You can’t fast forward the relationship.”

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