Next Level Loan Officers

How You Can Create a Next Level Client Experience

January 11, 2022 Next Level Loan Officers Season 1 Episode 130
Next Level Loan Officers
How You Can Create a Next Level Client Experience
Show Notes

On this episode, KT and Kellen talk about creating a rock solid client experience that will generate more referral business. The guys also discuss their playbook on how they great stickiness with their agents and customers. 

2:10 Creating a great client experience

12:00 Weekly updates

15:25 Banking equity


“Loan officers usually either have a traffic problem or an operational problem.”

“We like to wait until 10 days after closing before giving a client appreciation gift.”

“One of the biggest challenges for agents are lenders who don’t pick up their phone.”

“When you leave your clients with a truly great experience, they will refer business if you stay in front of them.”

Key Takeaways:

A lot of loan officers like to hide from tough conversations, that is your opportunity. 

Create a process that allows you to use sticky points so that you can differentiate yourself.

Ask for reviews when you are CTC’d as oppose to when the loan closes. 

Make sure you are staying in touch with your pre-approved borrowers with a weekly phone call. 

Every happy client is a potential sales rep for your business. 


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